Precise interpretation, rich in contrasts

... What has music in common with football? - Quite a bit, if one is to believe the Trio 3:0, whose first recording combines compositions by three generations of Austrian musicians; for it is not only good, but also aesthetic playing that distinguishes the good from the best.
In his "Fünf Versuche nach Italo Calvino", Gerald Resch, the youngest of the three composers, transfers from literature to music the concepts, precision, lightness, clarity, complexity and speed. As far as complexity and precision go, however, Anton Webern's Duos op 7 and 11 take the lead; clarity, on the other hand, is the strong point of Friedrich Cerha's Trio, transparent in its instrumental reduction.
With precise interpretation, rich in contrasts Trio 3:0 take the field with renewed strength.

Österreichische Musikzeitschrift/Austria, September 2014