... If you want to find out more about the Austrian ensemble with the unconventional name "Trio 3:0", you should not only acquire this CD, which is well worth listening to, but also take a look at their website.
It is not only the enthusiastic, intensely-felt rendering by the three musicians that is captivating, but also their choice of works in this CD, entitled "Austrian Chamber Music". Besides the two compositions - long considered "classical" - by Anton Webern, it is the piano trio (2005) by Friedrich Cerha, with its four short, ideal-typical movements, that most strongly evokes the classical spirit in modern guise. The "Fünf Versuche nach Italo Calvino", by Gerald Resch (b 1975 in Linz) are also substantial pieces.

Ensemble - Magazin für Kammermusik/Germany, November 2014